JUNE 14, 15, 16, 2018


FRIDAY ONLY-Audie ​Blaylock and Redline

Audie is one of the festival favorites and has returned year after year!  Audie Blaylock’s mellow, wailing tenor and lightning-fast guitar picking have made him one of the names to watch in the world of traditional bluegrass.”–ALL MUSIC GUIDE

THURSDAY ONLY - David Parmley & Cardinal Tradition

As the name suggests, this band is bringing back the songs and sounds of The Bluegrass Cardinals. The Cardinals were at the top of the Bluegrass heap from 1976 to 1991. They will be bringing back the smooth three and four part harmonies the Cardinals were renowned for.

SATURDAY ONLY - Amy Gallatin & Hot Flashes

​An eclectic group fronted by three female vocalists who are on the New England music scene showcasing their tight vocal harmonies and jazzy acoustic stylings.

Lost Time/Off the Wall

Your host band, playing THURSDAY,FRIDAY and SATURDAY, fronted by John Burton, with his syncopated banjo playing, with different configurations of members, the band has always played a great blend of traditional and modern bluegrass.

​Fri/Sat - ​Just Passin' Thru

​Just Passin’ Thru band members hail from NY and VT and enjoy doing songs from the Old Country and Bluegrass genres, with some ballads, gospel, and stage humor in the mix.  They enjoy playing and singing together…and it shows!

Weekend pass includes rough camping BEFORE JUNE 1, 2018 - $60.00

(after June 1st - $70.00)
Thursday only - $15.00  Friday only - $35.00     Saturday only - $35.00
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"Sister Sadie is an inspiring musical collaboration bringing together some of the best women bluegrass music has ever claimed." - Alison Krauss


The Churchmen

Their Southern Gospel style, four part harmony, along with the sound of the bluegrass instrumentation, gives them a unique sound that has gained attention all across the country and abroad.

Atkinson Family

Your host band, playing THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY, the Atkinsons have a unique refreshing sound with tight family harmonies.  They will be your hosts for the weekend, playing music and entertaining the festival goers. Be sure to stop and say hello!

Friday -  NICK PICCININNI -Back by popular demand!!!

FRIDAY ONLY-The Kevin Prater Bandbases their sound on strong vocal harmonies.  Built around high trios, their style is reminiscent of the classic Seldom Scene and 1970's Country Gentlemen performances. The band includes classic country in their repertoire and loves bringing old familiar favorites to life. Add a little vintage rock and roll, classic country and acoustic music, you never know what else you might experience at a KPB show!

Saturday - Creek Bend is a Bluegrass band based in Buffalo, NY that has been serving up good, hot bluegrass music for over thirty years.

​Saturday - Dreamcatcherwith Aaron Foster, Max Etling, Jordan Roberson, Ben Watlington, Eli Gilbert

Back for the third year at Tug Hill.... A mix of traditional, contemporary and bluegrass gospel, this young band will knock your socks off!

SATURDAY ONLY-Fiddler, singer, and stepdancer April Verch knows how relevant an old tune can be. She was raised surrounded by living, breathing roots music—her father’s country band rehearsing; the lively music at church and at community dances; the tunes she rocked out to win fiddle competitions. She knew nothing else and decided early on that she wanted to be a professional musician.